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Frequently Asked Questions: Answers by Paola Sandoval, Assistant Manager
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How much does a car rental cost with Carmax?

-Anywhere from $30 all the way to $130 dollars per day depending on the car rental. On rentals of over three days we are able to give sizeable discounts, contact us here for more details.

Are there discounts?

For a limited time we are offering various discounts. To see what is available to you today, contact us here.

What types of cars are available for rental in Ecuador?

-We have everything from economy cars and sedans to SUVs, automatics, pick up trucks, minivans and vans.

What do I need to rent in Ecuador?

-The standard here in Ecuador is you need a valid drivers license (from your home company is OK). You also will need a credit card to guarantee the vehicle.

How do I make a reservation for a rental cars in Guayaquil?

Just send us the dates of your stay, the car you want, and click the PayPal button here and pay us $100 to secure your reservation and you are all set!

Do you have automatic cars?

Yes, but in Ecuador small automatic cars do not exist, only mid-sized cars.

Do you have unlimited miles?


Can you leave in another part of Ecuador?

Yes, but there is a small additional cost. More information here.

What type of insurance do the cars have?

We have the basic insurance that all rental cars in Ecuador have. There is a deductable of around five hundred dollars.

Who will pick me up from the airport?

One of two people; Patricio Sandoval or Heriberto Chavez

Do I need to leave some type of Guarantee?

With rental cars in Guayaquil the standard is around $1000 to $1500 in space available on your credit card. (There are problems with thieves in the country, that’s why we charge it.)


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USA/Canada: 1-954-607-7198
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